Unclear? #38

This one started with Blue Hawaii. I was listening to their last (2019) album and during the second track, the title lyrics “Still i miss youuuuuuu” sounded incredibly familiar. After racking my brain for a good while, I found the match in the 1994 track “Missing”. Surely just a coincidence, but man, the delivery of the two sets of lyrics sound so similar to me: “Still I miss you” / “And I miss you”.

Blue Hawaii — “Still I Miss U”: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxBa8sMpf-zh-U2JbR8Uz5z3UP5Eqdebeq

Everything But The Girl — “Missing”: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxOTOe9A34gi9X34rTBTNdZyxBv599-Yw4

The rest took another 7 weeks. Surprisingly (for me) Drum n Bass ended up being the driver through the first half of the playlist. I had fun realizing that, if you squint your eyes (ears) just right, that 1994 pop song sounds a lot like the last time I saw the sunrise on a weekend. Other standouts include deep basslines, synths that sound like strings, and a surprising amount of cowbell.

The other big highlight for me was the final transition. It happened that a friend recently sent me the “Heads Will Roll” remix, which is one of my all time favorite electronic remixes. I instantly knew that I had to find it a place in Unclear? Due to the house energy and prominent female vocal, I threw it behind “Warm Disco”, and then by complete accident it played into the “My Bestfriend’s House” remix. I had one of those beautiful moments of deja vu / confusion as my brain heard the sounds and double checked whether or not the previous song had ended. As A-Trak closed out with a series of 4 note synth rolls (surely that’s the formally accepted term…) , DJ Kirby started their remix with a similar (higher tempo) riff, and just like that Unclear? #38 magically resolved itself in wonderfully energetic form.

🌊 18MAR22 🔊

“mix” notes follow:




Thinking all the time, writing poorly some of the time

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Gabriel Casalduc

Gabriel Casalduc

Thinking all the time, writing poorly some of the time

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