Unclear Orange #32

This is one of those that really came together at the end. I started with the idea that I wanted to do a sort of homage to Daft Punk, given the recent news that the duo is retiring. I realized quickly that I couldn’t bear to have only one song represent the entire sound of such a dynamic/significant group. Therefore I decided to break my own playlist rule for the first time, and have the same artist twice on one edition (I try to even avoid the same artist on sequential releases). It was between “get lucky” and “one more time” for the obvious feel good crowd pleaser send off. I love the fun disco (?) feeling guitar riff in “get lucky”, but “one more time” is such an undeniably happy celebration anthem; it feels so right to celebrate the history rather than mourn the loss. This decision further cemented itself for me when I realized I had “time” stuck in my head at the moment, and I could play the songs’ and their time motif off one another back to back. I also love that the playlist starts with Daft Punk, and then you hear them one more time to close out.

Now for the other song I knew I needed to bring in some robot feel, ie a more serious and uptempo electro (?) sound. So I simply listened to a lot of Daft Punk until “Alive” finally stood out to me for its driving bass and grungy techno feel.

With the beginning and end defined, now I needed to figure out how I was going to transition from a bumping, pitch black techno warehouse (“Alive”) to a glittery NYE hugs and kisses, feel good sing along along (“One More Time”). I could write way too much and detail every song, but honestly nobody cares and I don’t have enough music writing vocab/skill (yet) to make that engaging for you, my dear reader. Although you’ve somehow made it this far down this meandering ramble, so for that I thank you. Anyway, the answer was house and disco ~vibes~.

So that sums up #32. Thanks for listening, and I hope you got your orange energy as promised 🧡.





Thinking all the time, writing poorly some of the time

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Gabriel Casalduc

Gabriel Casalduc

Thinking all the time, writing poorly some of the time

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